Create Magic Item

Level: 10
Cost to buy: Must be found or learned
Key Skills: Nature, Spirit, or Religion. Religion only counts if connection to the Maker is wanted.
Cost: Gold cost in materials relevant to skill used
Time: 1-8 hours
Description: Creating a magic item is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks a ritualist can attempt. It is very complicated and extremely draining to accomplish. The base material cost of a magic item needs to be combined with the life essence of the caster. Each magic item created subtracts 3 healing surges from the caster’s original total. That can also go up, depending on if item bonuses are wanted.
Magic items are created without enhancement bonuses. Only properties and powers are created.
Magical properties also need to be infused with items of the highest quality. Gold rings, masterfully crafted weapons and armor, silk or gossamer clothing are all good examples. The stronger the magic (higher the level) the higher the quality item necessary to hold the bonds of the realms in place.

Creating items with item bonuses (including bonus to charging) requires an additonal lifeforce cost, as well as a roll of the key skill used. If the roll does not succeed, half the materials for this ritual are used up and the caster must try again. Item bonuses to damage cost double the cost for any other type.

Roll: Must be greater than item bonus X 10
Permanent Healing Surge Cost: Item bonus / 2. This is in addition to the standard 3.
Assistance: Any other character with the key skill used can assist the ritual caster. They must succeed at a DC 20 roll, spending a healing surge in doing so (daily use). For item bonuses only, an assistee can also spend permanent surges to assist the caster with the life force cost.

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Create Magic Item

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