Solaria Uncovered

Session 2


  • Pair of hostages were interrogated. One seemed as though he was a hired hand, one seemed fanatically driven.
  • Not much was learned from the fanatic except a name: Seraph Kinter. Assuming accurate information the mercenary told the group a couple facts: Received orders 15 miles away, someone or something named Spirit Master was issuing orders from on high, and the nearest village was Southwest along the same direction where orders were received
  • Sixix let the mercenary go, the cultist was killed
  • The party reached the village of Tika in the nation of Theolo
  • Once reached, the village of multiple hundreds of people was near empty. Screams were heard in the distance
  • Screams emanated from the Chapel, which seemed to be under guard
  • New opponents were met, a shadow being of some type is glowing with spirit energy, something is happening that is increasing the level of sound, and a goblin is currently possessed by a spirit and is enacting some type of ritual. The shadow being seems to be slaughtering innocent villagers at whim and for the most part is ignoring the party.


Skill Challenge: Interrogation (failed, some information gleaned)
Chapel: Humanoids, shadow being, some type of ritual, rampant murder, unresolved at end of session


Sixix Personal Log (minor bonus)
Journal Log: Day 2

Interrogated prisoners. Other compatriots murdered one of them. Incident logged, there will be a presentation on the merits and drawbacks of lethality in adverse situations. Name of instigator ascertained [ref:Log232B#12]. Second prisoner released as promised.

Traveled until the village. No signs of activity, but verbal indicators of distress were present. On following those, ascertained that mass slaughter was occuring in the local religious sanctum. Currently in the process of supressing hostile activity, with priority on the preservation and well-being of the local civilian population. Will update after cessation of conflict.

  1. Journal output logged to records ##
Session 2

Journal Log N202012

It feels good to be out of the city once again, I find it harder to think whilst in the crowds and markets of a town. These trees talk to me, and I feel like something is afoot. I will sleep now, I will see what the wind brings to me in the morning.

In the night we were ambushed. The attackers were easily dispatched, but the words I hear only work to make me feel like something greater is amiss then I was originally thought to believe. This first name, Seraph Kinter, I feel like whatever involvement he has will lead us southwest about 15 clicks. Then there is this Spirit Master. The trees tremble in the winds of this name. The party wants to let these fools live, if I were alone they would rot where they sit now. More to come.

We are arriving to the village soon, I despise the towns, but we must find out what we can. After the last battle I wonder about the parties ability to work together in a tactical combat situation. We should come up with a fighting style and patterns to coincide with each others styles, but time will be the biggest factor on that. I feel like
Screaming? We better check this out…


Session 2
Bronz Bronz

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