Solaria Uncovered

Session 2


  • Pair of hostages were interrogated. One seemed as though he was a hired hand, one seemed fanatically driven.
  • Not much was learned from the fanatic except a name: Seraph Kinter. Assuming accurate information the mercenary told the group a couple facts: Received orders 15 miles away, someone or something named Spirit Master was issuing orders from on high, and the nearest village was Southwest along the same direction where orders were received
  • Sixix let the mercenary go, the cultist was killed
  • The party reached the village of Tika in the nation of Theolo
  • Once reached, the village of multiple hundreds of people was near empty. Screams were heard in the distance
  • Screams emanated from the Chapel, which seemed to be under guard
  • New opponents were met, a shadow being of some type is glowing with spirit energy, something is happening that is increasing the level of sound, and a goblin is currently possessed by a spirit and is enacting some type of ritual. The shadow being seems to be slaughtering innocent villagers at whim and for the most part is ignoring the party.


Skill Challenge: Interrogation (failed, some information gleaned)
Chapel: Humanoids, shadow being, some type of ritual, rampant murder, unresolved at end of session

Session 1


  • Party introductions were made
  • Party met at City of Solaria, pending a summons from the Council
  • The city’s appropriated natural areas seem to be in good order
  • Party met and dined with a telepathic councillor, gaining instructions and a request for action
  • Info: Nation of Theolo experiencing some type of uprising of fanatics of the Keeper. Numerous villages reported as destroyed. Unrest in the capital. Party asked to investigate and quell the rebellion
  • 500gp stipend given to each party member
  • Vague notion of very large reward mentioned
  • Research done on past instances in Theolo like this. Evidence found of a similar uprising 1000 years ago except in the name of the Maker. Fanatics at the time created everything they could, and led the nation into a time of destitution due to natural resource depletion and population explosion


  • Party ambushed at camp by humanoids and an insubstantial shadow. Party captured two humanoids.
Adventure Log

We will keep session outlines of everything. In character journals can be added as well.


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